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Great products and effective marketing drive awareness and interest. All of this investment can only achieve its potential if your channel has the right talent, fully prepared to get the job done. Our services, content and technology will help you develop your direct or channeled workforce by developing and implementing a wide array of human capital programs for knowledge, skills and process. From Caterpillar to John Deere, from General Motors to Ford, from Texas Instruments to Hewlett Packard we've worked with big and emerging brands alike and we've achieved success for our customers every step of the way.  Call us for a free consultation.

Courseware Development
Courseware Development

ChannelSAGE provides experts in courseware and content development.

From web-based to instructor-led we can create your courseware, training guides, user guides and more.

And from marketing content to communication programs we are experts in the field of marketing and communications.

Let us quote your next project.  Contact ChannelSAGE for more information.

Private Video Channels

Sharing knowledge across an organization, especially a global organization, can be difficult, expensive and overwhelming. But it doesn't need to be if you consider crowd-sourcing your training.  Simply put, this means enabling your extended enterprise to develop and share training video amongst their peers.

ChannelSAGE provides video channel solutions to leading companies looking to leverage the expertise of their distribution channel and crowd-source their content.


You might be surprised how easy and effective a private video channel can be.  Contact ChannelSAGE and reap the many benefits of crowdsourced training.

Skills & Competencies

We can help you develop and deploy your skills and competency programs.  Using our LMS or yours, we can create competencies based upon job roles and then associate those with the training required to maintain (or achieve) those competencies.

We can also link the competencies to the job roles so that your users will automatically be assigned required learning based upon their job role.  This eliminates much of the busy work of manually assigning new training to a user who just received a promotion to a new job rolw.

Certification Programs

ChannelSAGE can assist you with certification program for almost every possible discipline in your channel;

  • Sales Certifications

  • Service Certifications

  • Parts Certifications

  • Finance Certifications

  • Operator Certifications

  • And more.

Our powerful certification engine allows for expiring certifications, annual certifications, dynamic certifications etc.  In fact, we've probably managed just about every type of certification imaginable.  We can certainly help you with yours.

Channel Analytics and Business Intelligence

Predictive intelligence.  It's knowing what's going to happen before it happens.  It's intelligence that allows you to influence results, rather than becoming the victim of results.  


In our mobile society we call it "putting the pulse of your channel in the palm of your hand."


Contact ChannelSAGE. We will show you how our PRM solutions, with integrated Sisense Business Intelligence, will give you the power to predict...and control...your future!  

Technology, Hosting & Support

ChannelSAGE offers a top tier Learning Management System.  It's a feature-rich LMS that's been in constant evolution for many of the largest dealer, franchise and distributor channels in the world. 


The Channel SAGE LMS is modular in design and allows for a think big...start fast approach to implementing a channel training and development strategy.


The Channel SAGE LMS provides SCORM and Tin Can (xAPI) support and is reliably hosted in the Amazon cloud.  For more information on this powerful solution contact ChannelSAGE!

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