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Your Portal Interface Sucks! Seriously! But it Doesn't Need To.

Few things irritate me more than a poorly branded portal. Yet, I see far, far more of these than well-branded portals. Why? Because most people in charge of implementing a portal don’t really think that interface matters. Or, in many cases, branding and design are not their forte yet they have been tasked to create the interface for the portal that they’ve implemented. The truth is, most companies that build and deploy portals are technology-driven and do not have a sense of design, usability or brand. It’s a toxic combination of customer and supplier myopia.

If there’s one thing all of us should have learned from Steve Jobs is that EVERYTHING IS MARKETING! Your packaging, your portals, your websites, your business cards, and more. Everything is marketing! Now that does not mean that marketing is everything. Certainly, the technology behind a cool, well branded interface is important also. But, please don’t loose site of the importance of a fully branded, well-designed and easy-to-use interface for your portal!

ChannelSAGE can help you with that. We bring the art of design and a strong sense of branding to the technology behind every portal that we sell. You can check out a few at:

Whether you are interested in a dealer portal, a sales portal, a customer portal, a training portal, or whatever portal is in your plan, ChannelSAGE has the technology and the branding skills to make it something special.

If you don't value what I'm saying you should continue working with your current vendor. But, if you want to move the performance needle, you'll need elegant interfaces and exciting visuals that stir the soul. If that's the case, then we should talk.

Check out ChannelSAGE at and get rid of those ugly, difficult-to-use and poorly branded portals that you’re now using.

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