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Heart Failure! ...It's the Leading Cause of Death in the Channel!

Your Pipeline is the Heartbeat of Your Channel. It’s a predictive indicator of good health or looming disaster. It’s important that you monitor it correctly. But getting it right isn’t easy. Here’s why:

Healthy Distribution Channel

Your channel consists of numerous independent businesses. They make their own business decisions, including which, of many, CRM’s to use. This results in multiple CRMs throughout your channel, and of course some channel partners with no CRM at all.

This presents a problem for you. How do you monitor the heartbeat of your channel when inputs are coming from multiple technologies? And how do you enable those channel partners that don’t use any CRM at all?

Don't do this...

Some companies have taken the approach of trying to enforce a single CRM solution throughout their channel. But, unless you have a captive channel, this almost always fails. And, even if your channel is captive, it’s still almost certain to fail.

Others have approached this problem by buying a CRM solution for their entire channel. This, of course, can be prohibitively expensive and it’s still very likely to fail. Why?Because it takes strict discipline to enforce and independent businesses don’t like being told what to do.

Do this...

But, there is a solution that is practical, inexpensive and will actually work. It’s a technology solution that makes your dealer portal the hub of all CRM activity. And it’s all part of the ChannelSAGE CPX (Channel Portal Xperience) featuring the powerful Sisenser BI Engine integrated within the versatile LogicBay ChannelStacktm solution.

The Sisense BI engine was recently awarded the top visionary position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Having this easy-to-use, but incredibly powerful tool at your disposal is like having a holter monitor, a CT Scanner and an Apple Watch monitoring your channel heartbeat at all times.

With ChannelSAGE CPX the CRM data from the various CRMs in your channel is distilled within our technology and reported against using the powerful Sisense BI solution. And, for those dealers that don’t already have a CRM, we include a built-in CRM within ChannelSAGE CPX that can be used at no additional cost.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Monitor the heartbeat of your channel in real time.

  • Know when your channel is performing with rhythm and spot irregular beats before it’s too late.

  • Engage with predictive analytics that will tell you of problems before it’s too late to adjust.

  • Run complex BI analytics to spot hidden opportunities for improved health.

Heart failure in the channel is similar to heart failure in life. Your first indication that you have a problem may be your last. Turn to ChannelSAGE CPX to monitor the heartbeat of your channel, avoid irregularities and live a long and prosperous life.

For more information on ChannelSAGE CPX please contact me through LinkedIN or through

Sisense is a registered trademark of Sisense Inc.

LogicBay is a registered trademark of LogicBay Corp.

ChannelSTACK is a trademark of LogicBay

ChannelSAGE CPX is a trademark of ChannelSAGE LLC.

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