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The Killer Channel App

The killer channel app over the next 5 years won't be CRM. It won't be new partner on-boarding or training. It won't be deal registration or tracking. The killer app over the next 5 years will be data. Actionable data.

Everything we do as CMO’s, from marketing to partner management, will be driven by data. Actionable data. Data that can move your channel management strategies from reactive to predictive in a blink of the eye.

Let me repeat that because it's a very important concept to embrace: FROM REACTIVE TO PREDICTIVE!

No longer do we need to “react” to sales data as it trickles in after a sale has been won or lost. No longer are we slaves to weekly/monthly/quarterly sales results that only show us if we're winning or losing.

Finally we are ahead of the curve! We're moving to a position of strength! We can “predict” channel sales and initiate actions. We can avert disasters with correctional strategies. We can identify problems before it’s too late.

We, as Chief Marketing Officers and Channel Managers now have the ability to capture real-time data and we now have the tools to make it actionable. And actionable everywhere--from mobile to desktop.

ChannelSAGE, more than any other company, is positioned to lead you into the channel data revolution. We're ahead of the curve. We integrated the world’s most powerful business intelligence engine—the vaunted WebFocus from Information Builders Inc.—into our cloud-based channel management toolsets. It was an expensive investment…but leading edge in every way.

And it puts us on the leading edge of data in the channel.

When you couple this leading edge BI engine with our integrated CRM, or with our interface, you’ll have an amazing view of your channel—beyond anything you’ve imagined.

Seeing is believing!

We have all of the components now to do this. Nobody else has. We can move your channel management from reactive to predictive!

Contact me through ChannelSAGE for a virtual demonstration on how our Business Intelligence Engine can work for you and your distribution channel.

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