You're not getting the most out of your distribution channel.  Some cylinders are firing nicely, others are not firing at all.  How do you change that?  How do you turn your entire channel into a high performing, cash generating marvel?  The team at ChannelSAGE has been doing this for a living, for over 30 years.  We've been part of the biggest successes in channel marketing and development.  Contact the experts at ChannelSAGE for a free consultation.

Every promotion loses a little steam over time.  A short-term spiff or incentive adds urgency and focus for specific performance.  We help you understand what you need now…which products to highlight, what kind of timing to use, how much reward to offer.  Then we track, monitor and report results to you and your participants.  The result:  A spurt of energy just when you need it most.


Use Spiffs and Incentives for:

  • Slow Sales Cycle Periods

  • Slow Moving Products

  • New Product Introductions

  • Specific Products, Service or Accessories

  • Top Performers

  • Driving Customer Purchase Levels

  • Re-Energizing a Customer Base

Spiffs, Incentives & Loyalty
MDF and Co-op

It's a whole new ballgame in the arena of market development funds and marketing co-op.

Social media, channel automation, and push-through marketing can take your programs to new levels of return on investment, while maximizing results.

Let ChannelSAGE show you how to strategically and tactically deliver outstanding programs to your distribution channel, how to automate the management of these programs, and how to reduce costs while improving your ROI!

Sales & Channel Engagement

Here's a great way to gain channel engagement. Check out My Winning Picks from ChannelSAGE.


  • It's fun and engaging: Captivate your audience with something that interests them.

  • It drives traffic to your website: Link to our site from the webpage you want your people to visit.

  • You'll gain mindshare: Enhance your brand and loyalty, increase your reach to those you are trying to influence.

  • And capture contact info: Participant contact info will be obtained to use for future marketing efforts.

We make it easy! Contact ChannelSAGE for more information.


As the saying goes, no matter how much money and training you throw at a Shetland Pony, it's never going to win the Kentucky Derby.


So, before you start throwing training and money at sales people you'll want to make sure you've hired the right people for the job.  Only a select few have the competency and talent to succeed.  

At ChannelSAGE we have the evaluative programs that will help you select the right candidates, reduce your risks and greatly improve your chances for success.

Sales Hiring Programs
Sales Team Measurement 
and Development

Take the guesswork out of managing and developing your sales force.  


ChannelSAGE offers leading edge sales evaluation, assessment, motivation and measurement.​

Providing advanced analytics, integrated competencies, including skills, knowledge and behaviors, our programs will take your sales teams to optimal performance and keep them on top of their game.

Optimizing sales is a continual process.  It's not a project.  Let us help you succeed!


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