Luxury Sales Force

Sales Competency & Optimization

We don’t have a name to share with you (due to confidentiality agreements) but we have a story to tell.

It all started with the CEO of one of the great luxury brands in the US reaching out to one of our principals for help with his retail sales force. His concern was that the sales personnel in his independent reseller channel weren’t prepared to properly represent the new products that would be hitting the market in the coming years. These new products would need to be marketed and sold to a new type of customer in terms of demographics and psychographics.

Our job was to determine if the current group had the competencies to meet this new opportunity and provide the benchmarks for the next generation of sales professional needed grow the brand.

Our approach leveraged existing sales data for each consultant and manager tied to the to the results of a powerful psychometric competency assessment. The proprietary predictive analytics generated from this data provided a number of development priorities for the brand and its channel partners.


For example: A significant number of sales associates were mismatched for the present and future sales environment. Specifically, too many account-oriented sales personnel (a.k.a. farmers) and not enough with competency strengths for value-based/consultative sales (you know, hunters). 


Sales manager effectiveness was also an issue. Many channel owners were elevating top sales performers to sales management positions. The data proved that this strategy was not effective as the former sales stars did not have the management competencies to be effective leaders, hiring and developing a broad bench of sales talent.

These—along with many other findings—set the stage for improved recruiting, hiring and development of retail sales personnel by the channel owners. The products were successfully launched and the brand maintains its leadership position with a vastly expanded product line—and customer base.

We offer an even more powerful version of this analytics tool, The Workforce Genome, for your sales and customer service front-line personnel and leadership. It’s currently being implemented to improve sales force effectiveness in the United States, Europe and Asia.


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