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BioSpectrum CBD:

Health & Wellness. Product Sales & Marketing Program

The most innovative​ company in CBD-based healthcare products needed a powerful and innovative online store to solidify their brand and drive revenue.

Naturally, they turned to ChannelSAGE.


It all started in late 2019 with the CEO establishing a directive to increase online sales through an e-commerce enabled online store. In doing so, he wanted to feature his most innovative, most powerful product--Nasadol. And he wanted a website that was equally innovative.


To demonstrate the benefits of Nasadol we developed an attention-grabbing, html-5 animation which captivates the viewer and drives home the value of nasal-based delivery.


  • HTML-5 feature animation converted to MP4

  • Integrated online retail catalog and password protected wholesale catalog.

  • Automated calculation of shipping costs

  • Automated creation of shipping labels

  • Integrated social media promotions

  • Integrated email drip campaigns

  • Integrated live chat feature

  • Selectable automated email triggers

  • Configurable light boxes

  • Integrated Trust Pilot reviews

  • QR codes on product packaging that can be scanned via phone camera and open a related page of detailed Pharma analytics related to that product.

  • And much more.

Results went live just prior to the onset of the pandemic and quickly became an essential component of the BioSpectrum sales program.


Today, with the opening of more and more of our economy, it's now a strong addition to the retail and wholesale storefronts that create BioSpectrumCBD's ever-growing sales universe. 


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