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Daimler Trucks North America:

Dealer & Employee Management and Development Solution

In 2000, working with LogicBay Corp., our CEO launched the first dealer portal and training center for DTNA.  This was a very unique solution for its time, incorporating training, dealer management, a dealer portal, dealer marketing & communications, incentives, reporting/analytics and much more.  Today we refer to a solution like this as a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) System.  Back then it was the first of it’s kind.


Two centers were included in the initial launch:  Freightliner Trucks and Western Star Trucks.  Due to the initial success of the program additional centers were quickly added, including Thomas Built Buses, Freightliner Customer Chassis, Detroit Diesel, the Aftermarket Resource Center (Service training), Daimler Truck Financing, Daimler Truck Reseller and more.  In 2010 an employee campus was added.


Today there are 12 centers deployed by Daimler and Mercedes-Benz in our cloud-based solution.  The Centers are global in design, multi-language and full-featured.  And we (LogicBay and ChannelSAGE) worked together to support this program through 2020.

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