If you're trying to control, manage and measure your channel using a multitude of programs and technologies, you're fighting a loosing battle.  Let ChannelSAGE put it all together in one seamless, low-cost, easy to manage, cloud-based solution.  It's easier than you think!  And certainly easier, more powerful and more efficient than what you're likely doing now.  Contact ChannelSAGE and we'll show you how to effectively gain control of your growing channel.

Consulting and Business Strategy

Our mantra is: Think BIG...Start small...and Build Fast! To realize this we will help you see the big picture--where you hope to be in 3, 5, and 10 years.  Then will show you how you can start small, with achievable goals and manageable budgets.  And, once engagement begins and successes are achieved, we'll show you how to build fast!

No one has the experience doing this successfully like ChannelSAGE.  We've helped many of the world's most prominent brands achieve success with their channel automation programs.


We can help you!  Contact us for a free consultation.

Partner Portals & Marketing Websites

Taking control, and successfully managing, your distribution channel requires leading-edge technology and advanced expertise.

We bring both of these to your table.  In spades. We've provided advanced automation to many of the world's most prominent brands.  And now, thanks to the efficiencies of the cloud, the sophisticated solutions used by the big brands are now accessible to companies of almost any size.  Our solutions include: 

  • Learning management systems

  • Content management systems

  • Partner relationship management systems

  • Dealer portals

  • In-bound and outbound marketing systems

  • Powerful marketing websites

Reach out to ChannelSAGE to learn how our technologies can help you improves sales, reduce service costs, increase margins and maximize customer satisfaction.

ChannelSAGE provides the LogicBay ChannelVUE PRM system and the Performance Center LMS to our customers.  Our portals are WordPress and Wix based.  All of our channel automation solutions are mobile-ready, cloud-based and most are hosted in the Amazon Cloud.

This ensures high-availability, low cost and global performance excellence for all of our customers.

We've been in the cloud before it was called the cloud.  We've learned how to deliver service levels unattainable by most of our competition.

Contact ChannelSAGE and learn how our cloud can be your cloud.

Technology Hosting & Support
Channel Analytics and Business Intelligence

Predictive intelligence.  It's knowing what's going to happen before it happens.  It's intelligence that allows you to influence results, rather than becoming the victim of results.  


In our mobile society we call it "putting the pulse of your channel in the palm of your hand."


Contact ChannelSAGE. We will show you how our PRM solutions, with integrated Sisense Business Intelligence, will give you the power to predict...and control...your future!  

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