Caterpillar Inc. - Global Dealer, Supplier & Customer Training

In 2004 our CEO, while working with LogicBay Corporation, began consulting with Caterpillar on a global rollout of a dealer training and development solution.  Their vision was to sell and service products, with the same industry-leading excellence, everywhere in the world.


We worked as part of a highly professional team at LogicBay, and hand-in hand with Cat, in the planning phase of this program to create a sustainable funding model, a global vision and an enabling technology that could support over 100,000 users in multiple languages in all corners of the world.


Our planning included change management, an international strategy, content development, content management, a cloud-based enabling technology, a forum/knowledge sharing platform, Akamai acceleration, a multi-level financial model and much more.


In 2006 we began rollout of this enormous endeavor which included hosting and support of this global initiative.


Fast forward to 2018.  We are now in our 14th. year of working with Caterpillar on this program.  Our role today, working closely with LogicBay, is to provide on-going strategic direction, and to assist our partner LogicBay in supporting Caterpillar as together we manage and deliver this global solution which is now in 9 languages, across 16 campuses and reaches nearly 100,000 users extending into every Caterpillar dealer in the world, as well as to suppliers and customers.


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