3M Road Trip: Major Manufacturer

Sales Acceleration Program

The client had been spending large on spring and fall promotions. But, sales remained flat and program participation in the distribution channel was weak. They desparately needed to accelerate sales.

Here's the situation we came into:

  • Client is a market-share leader.

  • Products sold through independent distributors.

  • Strong brand identity in the market.

  • Premium priced products are facing pricing pressures, forcing distributors to switch to competitive, lower priced brands.

  • No current end-user data is available to the manufacturer.


  • Distributor sales management.

  • Distributor sales representatives.


  • Support strong brand message with on-going communications.

  • Offer incentives to distributors and their sales reps for selling targeted products.

  • Offer incentives to distributors and their sales reps for providing current point-of-sale (end user) data.


  • Distributor incentive/loyalty program called Road Trip.

  • Points are earned for qualifying sales by the distributorship and the distributor sales rep.

  • Point-of-sale data is collected and posted on-line in data dashboards, in the form of “sales opportunity reports.”

  • Points are redeemable for awards which are featured on-line at the program website.


  • Market share drop off was reversed.

  • Sales increased by 15% year over year for 4+ years.

  • Engaged top 200 distributors and 2000 of their sales people.

  • Program provided key analytics for product opps.

  • Distributors laud the program as a Best Practice in channel promotions.

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