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Technicians for the World: Caterpillar Technician Marketing & Recruiting Program

Faced with a worldwide technician shortage, Caterpillar was looking to help fill the pipeline by introducing young, career seeking individuals to the profession of Service Technician.

Caterpillar first targeted the continent of Africa, where a program like this would be a win-win-win for all: A win for the Cat dealers in Africa; A win for the struggling economy and struggling laborers of Africa; And a win for Caterpillar both from a need to find more service technicians and also from the global goodwill achieved through Caterpillar's humanitarian commitment to building a better world for all.

Program Components

  • Innovative web marketing layer seamlessly laid over a training platform (LMS).

  • Cutting edge web techniques used to attract the targeted demographic and engage them with a "cool" web interface.

  • User is required to satisfactorily complete 18 foundational service tech courses available through the site.

  • A user who completes the curriculum can print a certification of completion which can be brought to any Caterpillar dealer, or any equipment dealer of any brand, and demonstrate their commitment to becoming a productive, well-paid service technician.

Program Details


Program Results:

  • The program has attracted over 1.2 million site visitors in under 4 years.

  • Dealers throughout the world came onboard to support the program.

  • Facebook social media delivered best results.

  • Over 100,000 courses were started, which is absolutely amazing.

  • Certified users exceeded expectations in every regard.

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