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ChannelSAGE is a leading publisher of paranormal fiction. We seek only the best and promote only a few. Our current selection is The Rosemount Project, by Paul Tobin. 

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   When a fearless urban exploration team takes on the mysterious ruins of a World War II underground munitions plant, they uncover long-buried secrets that will shock the world.

   This book pulls you on board the incredible, pulse-pounding journey of a remarkable group of adventurers engaged in the exploration of their lives— an illegal attempt to be the first to penetrate deep into the bowels of the underground enigma known as the Rosemount Ordnance Works—a World War II relic of the nuclear age still rising from the quiet farm fields of Rosemount, Minnesota. 

   Deploying a unique set of talents, including climbing skills honed on the treacherous sheer rock walls of El Capitan, and the stunning paranormal abilities of a new team member, they attempt to penetrate the imploded facility and peel back the dark cloak of history that has surrounded this enigmatic government project for more than 80 years. 

   Will they succeed in being the first to penetrate the long-abandoned facility? What was discovered within the facility 80 years ago that led to its abrupt closure and implosion? What can the paranormal reveal about age-old secrets?    Join us on this incredible journey from the heights of El Capitan to the frightening depths of the Rosemount Ordnance Works. 

   Thrills, chills, adventure, murder, love, and paranormal activity await…all mixed into a fascinating, modern-day thriller with roots in the Manhattan Project, World War II, and the dawn of the nuclear age. 

   Read The Rosemount Project by Paul Tobin. 


     In the farm fields of Rosemount, Minnesota, lies the skeletal remains of an ancient and massive government project; One that boldly unfolded in 1941, at the onset of US involvement in World War II. 

     This facility was called the Gopher Ordnance Works.  It involved the development of a very large manufacturing plant purportedly built to meet the munitions needs of World War II. Much of it lies underground. 

     To accommodate this facility, the appropriation by the United States Government of an astounding 12,000 acres of farmland was needed. More than 90 farms needed to be displaced. Additionally, 858 buildings were to be constructed, and a workforce of 19,428 workers hired (18 times Rosemount’s population at that time). The project’s construction budget was nearly $125 million in 1941 dollars, and once completed, it was expected to employ more than 3000 workers. Gunpowder and large munitions were to be manufactured here. In truth, very little of either was actually produced.

     But then, unexpectedly, in 1943, with construction 3/4 complete and without producing a single ounce of gunpowder, the army announced that the Gopher Ordnance Works would be shut down and placed on standby status. The government officially stated that other powder plants were producing more powder than expected, and the military was using less than expected.

     Then in 1944, a surprising order was issued to refit and activate three of the five production lines. For four months and four months only, the plant may have actually produced gunpowder, but no factual records support that belief. It was forever mothballed when the horrific atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki brought the war to an end.

     In 1946, due to the massive amounts of dangerous raw materials held underground, such as gunpowder and hazardous chemicals for munitions production, including radioactive materials, our government made the decision to seal off the facility. All the underground tunnels and buildings were believed to have been destroyed via implosion.

     Today, nearly 80 years later, the abandoned ruins rise up out of the Rosemount farm country like a lost civilization found hiding in the vast jungles of Peru, where the natural foliage of the jungle is slowly reclaiming the remnants of an extraordinary lost world. To all who see it, it is cause for wonder. How could so much money, labor, and land have been squandered on a facility to manufacture gunpowder and munitions that was never fully operational and may never have produced any of either?

     Perhaps the answer is hiding in plain sight. Perhaps it was never meant to produce gunpowder. Perhaps it was meant to produce something much bigger…much more ominous…much more secretive. The only way to know was to get inside. Over the decades, many adventurers have tried, but none have succeeded.


Until now!



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